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By September 28, 2018Adventures, Opinion

Just three short weeks at my new job is how long it took for my colleagues to stop asking ‘are you up to much this weekend?’ and instead ask ‘what adventure do you have planned?’.  Three weeks before their association with me and my ‘norm’ was cemented with adventure.

I can’t blame them really. When you look at the weekends since I started with them I have: been a guest speaker at the Backcountry Ski Festival at Falls Creek, hiked the Cathedral Ranges in a dress to bring about awareness of the #likeagirl campaign and headed away to Benella to learn to fly in a fixed wing glider plane. Pretty normal, right?

My life wasn’t always like this. If you’d told me two years ago that I’d be spending every single weekend between now and December out of town or interstate I would have thought you were mad. Yet now, if you told me that I wasn’t allowed to leave town until then, I’d most definitely think you were mad.

Through starting my instagram and co-founding and leading for MGO, I have been surrounded by the possibility of beautiful places to explore and adventures to try as well as an amazing community of like-minded individuals who set my heart on fire. 

By being surrounded by so many who constantly put adventure first, who embrace challenges and seek out the more unique experiences in life, adventure has very naturally become my world.

When we talk about barriers to adventure that our members face when it comes to the outdoors many of our ladies talk about not having friends who liked to get out of town, who are up for random adventures or trying something new. I am personally a firm believer that Melbourne Girls Outside helps to break down those barriers by constantly making adventure the norm, by showing our members that they can explore, achieve and experience all that they set their mind to and that we will be there as a community leading the events, sharing the experiences and constantly striving to support them.

As a good friend of mine Richelle likes to say ‘she cannot be what she cannot see’ and once you SEE adventure and make it your norm, you truely get the opportunity to experience the world you live in.

Colleague: “So Tamara, what adventure do you have this weekend?” Me: I’ll be learning to fly a helicopter! As you do :P”

Tile photo credit goes to MGO leader Lisa 🙂



Melbourne Girls Outside co-founder and adventure leader with a passion for the outdoors, doggos and the entertaining things in life. @tamhikes

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