The big role you play in an MGO event

Melbourne Girls Outside runs a series of (predominantly) free events to help local ladies get comfortable in the outdoors.

That being said however, we are not tour guides. Instead, we are a bunch of ladies who are passionate about adventure and want to help you become confident enough to go on your own adventures.

Here are a few helpful hints from our leaders to ensure that you are getting the most out of our events, and that you are being accountable for your own safety.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask a question from the leader. If you are concerned about your fitness or capability send the leader a quick direct message prior to the event and ask.
  2. Tell a friend or family member where you are going, who you are going with and when they should expect to hear from you. Once you’re done with your event let them know that you’re home safe.
  3. Make sure you read all of the event details. Know where you are going, how long the event is and the distance that it covers. Be aware of any required skill levels and make sure that you always carry the bare essentials with you. 
  4. Bring along a map or download an app and have a go at tracking the path yourself. What happens if the event host gets injured and cannot take you back to the trail head? You should be able to guide yourself there.
  5. Make sure you always have your ID on you, and your emergency contact details. We need to be able to contact a friend or family member if something goes wrong!
  6. Get ambulance cover! We’re often out adventuring far from the closest hospital. If something does go wrong and you need to be medically transported by land, sea or air it can be INCREDIBLY expensive if you do not have the right cover. 
  7. If you have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of, let us know before we set off – and make sure you carry any medications on you.
  8. During the event make sure you let your leader know if you’re struggling or you need assistance. We’re all in this together and would prefer to set the pace to one that is achievable and comfortable to all.
  9. Never leave the group, or the trail without letting your leader know. If you duck off to pee and get bit on the bum by a snake we need to know where/when to come looking for you 😛
  10. Don’t do anything that puts yourself, or the other members of the group in danger or at risk. That instagram selfie is NOT worth it! Nor are those broken bones. 
  11. Hike out what you carry in. We practice sustainable hiking here at MGO. Stick to the path, clean your boots between hikes to avoid spreading fungi and carry all rubbish out that you bring in – including food scraps and fruit peel – if it wasn’t from this environment it shouldn’t be put in it!

Most of all have fun! Ask questions and engage with the area around you. The more confident you are and loving the environment you’re in the more you will get out of it!



Melbourne Girls Outside co-founder and adventure leader with a passion for the outdoors, doggos and the entertaining things in life. @tamhikes

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