Why you should make this simple commute change

By September 21, 2018Adventures

Here we go Monday – another week of work ahead! The morning commute is a drag for others who stuck in traffic or packed on the tram like a sardine… Well, not for me. I don’t need my car keys or a myki – all I need are my legs, lights, helmet, my bike and I am away! 

The day I got my bike and decided to change the way I commute was one of the best days in my professional life – ever. Every day, I choose to make my commute the best part of my day –rain, hail, shine or ferocious wind. The latter is particularly true for me in Melbourne’s bayside.  It’s a 30km cycle a day along the beautiful beach road bike track. On the way to work, I get to breathe in that fresh air, awakening my mind and body for the day ahead. On the way home, I get that time to reflect on my day just gone – good or bad, I can let it go and arrive home with a sense of ease and calm.  

It goes without saying that cycling to work isn’t just better for your health, but also for the environment and your wallet. Investing in a commuter bike doesn’t have to be expensive and every dollar you spend on that bike saves you tonnes of time and dollars topping up the myki or filling your tank. It’s a super simple way to incorporate more of the outdoors into your everyday lifestyle without relying solely on the weekend.

If you’re scared of riding on the road, try to work out how you can get to your destination via dedicated bicycle lanes and paths. A great resource to check out is this map:

Click here to follow the link 🙂

Whether you’re riding on a bike path, lane or road, I would strongly recommend investing in high lux front and rear lights, as well as highly visible clothing. No matter the time of the day, always increase your visibility; unfortunately, no matter how safe you are, it’s others who pose the biggest danger to you while riding. 

So if you’ve ever thought of getting a bike or riding your bike to work – hop to it! You will reap so many benefits and maybe even discover that cycling is your thing. There are plenty of girls only and beginner cycling clubs around Melbourne. I highly recommend jumping onto GirlRide! Facebook page for tips, group rides and second hand gear. 

I hope I have inspired you to get on your bike and commute to work the healthiest, and in my perspective, the most enjoyable way possible! And look out for me along Beach Rd: I am always in navy blue and pink with a big smile on my face riding alongside the bay. 

Written by Laura King – Original MGO co-founder and leader with a passion for yoga, cross country skiing and making life choices that align with her love for the outdoors. Follow her adventures on instagram.

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